You Need To Try These 5 Unique Chicken Wing Flavors in Cleveland

Chicken wings! The humble two-piece joint of poultry that launched to infamy the day someone in Buffalo, New York tossed them in hot sauce and butter. Since then, people have been experimenting with coating wings in all manner of sauces, dry rubs and dips.
Let's venture outside of the classic hot wing together, and try these 5 unique chicken wing styles coming to you from some of the best food minds in Cleveland.

Around the Corner - Famous Black Pepper

18616 Detroit Ave, Cleveland

A true local favorite. Black pepper might not sound like an exciting flavor, but this common condiment elevates chicken wings in a way that Lakewood bar-crawlers can’t get enough of.

Around the Corner website

Good Company - Char Siu BBQ

1200 West 76th Street, Cleveland

Good Company is like a neighborhood sports bar with a farm-to-table frame of mind. The wings are no exception, with flavors like Char Siu BBQ, a sticky-sweet Cantonese style of sauce.

You can also get a classic buffalo or dry rub, or garlic, but the coconut orange lime is also worth a taste.

Good Company's Website

Greenhouse Tavern - Confit Wings

2038 E 4th St, Cleveland

They’ve been covered by Food Network and countless food blogs. There is a reason for it.
Cured overnight, slow-cooked confit style, fried up crispy and served with roasted jalapenos, scallions and garlic.
Greenhouse makes labor-intensive wings taste effortless.

Greenhouse Tavern website

Rusty Barrel - 6 Pepper Garlic Parmesan

27026 Center Ridge Rd, Cleveland,

No one will complain these wings are under-flavored. The Rusty Barrel’s 6 Pepper Garlic Parmesan wings are like tongue fireworks.
Grab a dozen and make out with someone!

Rusty Barrel's website

Cleats - Mango Habenero

3995 Jennings Rd, Cleveland / 5267 Wallings Rd, North Royalton / 602 South St, Chardon

Cleats offers 24 different sauces and dry rubs on their menu, and with unique tastes like Chinese Plum and Coffee Dry Rub, there’s plenty of sensations to try. Thier Mango Habanero sauce is a great place to start: sweet and fiery in equal amounts.

Cleat's website

Now that you know where to go, it's your duty to head out and order up a pile of these great wings yourself. Just don't get boneless, the great chicken wing pretender. You're better than that.