You’re such a Carrie: A new twist on the classic Cosmopolitan

Jessica Parkison from Salt+ a Restaurant in Lakewood presents their take on that classic ruby-hued cocktail: The Cosmopolitan

Has any cocktail had a better marketing campaign than the Cosmopolitan? For years, the ubiquitous choice of characters Sex and the City was the go-to of girls night out. Now fifteen(!) years after the show’s final episode, it’s still popular and ripe for re-invention.

Salt+ a restaurant (17625 Detroit Ave, Lakewood) is a small plates and cocktail bar that’s been racking up awards for its constantly rotating, seasonal menu.  While the food is fresh and tempting, you’d be remiss to not get one of the concoctions from the bar.

Bar wizard Jessica Parkison presents her twist on the classic cosmo, giving it a frothy take with a pinch of spice. She’s titled the drink “Maybe We Can Be Soulmates”, and the chances are good you’ll want to give this cocktail your heart.